Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Butterfly Sandwich Cake

Good morning everyone!

I have decided to share a cake with you today that I feel quite proud of.

As you may know, I love everything chocolate and whenever I get told "Do what you think is best." It's always better to go with a chocolate cake!

I was asked by a friend at work to make a birthday cake for her daughter who had her 18th birthday coming up! I wanted a spectacular cake for my 18th so I knew that it had to be special!

Pretty much the only instruction I had was a Chocolate Sandwich Cake with Butterflies in pink icing.

Here is what I came up with!

I think that this cake turned out really well. I used my basic chocolate cake recipe and iced the whole sandwich cake with chocolate fudge butter icing.

Normally I would just use average chocolate butter cream, but with this cake being for a special birthday, it just had to be Chocolate Fudge Icing!

I created the pink icing butterflies with pale pink fondant icing.

Tip: I used cornflour when rolling out and cutting icing as it prevents the stickiness from the icing coming back once your hands have warmed it up a little. Cornflour keeps it dry, although be careful not to overdo it as it can crack and go too hard when it sets.

I cut out a selection of larger and smaller butterflies to put all over the cake.

To achieve the effect of the butterflies landing on the cake with their wings turned up, I use a paint palette. They can be picked up for about 50p from any craft shop! Once the butterflies are cut out, sprinkle a little cornflour into the palette and lay the icing butterfly on it. Push slightly with your finger to make the wings stand up.

(This also works for making leaves and flowers look realistic! I used the same technique for the white fondant icing flowers.)

I added glitter to all of the fondant decorations using edible glitter. My favourites are Rainbow Dust as they have a wide range of colours and they stay glittery when you use edible glue with it.

I dip a very fine paint brush into edible glue and dip it into the glitter pot, you don't need much as the glue has to be able to stick to the icing.

Another technique is to paint the glue onto the icing and paint the glitter onto the top.

I also cut a giant "18" from pink icing and glittered it using the pouring technique of painting the glue onto the number and sprinkling the glitter straight from the pot. I wouldn't recommend this for smaller details such as the butterflies and flowers as pouring the glitter on and tipping it back into the pot wastes a lot of glitter. It works best for larger decorations!

I added the extra touches such as the small silver daises that admittedly were bought, but they worked well so I won't apologise! I placed the 18 in the centre of the cake as the main feature and created clusters of flowers and butterflies. I also added edible pink millions to create the effect of the butterflies flying across the cake.

I enjoyed making this cake. I love doing girly, glittery cakes. Although I will admit it's a good job I have a bit of patience when it comes to making something like this!

I have been trying to bake a bit more lately. I think it's probably the return of The Great British Bake Off inspiring me to get in the kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Loved this one Brogan....the smell was incredible as was the amount of glitter left in the kitchen. Mum xx


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