Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Host Of Golden Daffodils

Hi everyone.

I haven't been very active on my blog lately. I've just been very busy with college work and applying for university. Now that all of that is out of the way I can hopefully get a little bit more baking done. Especially as Christmas is almost here.

As some of you will know I conducted a poll on my blog to see what every body's favourite flavour of sponge cake was. The poll finished today and as promised I will bake something this week to honour the winner of the "Best Cake Flavour".

The winner is:

I will be sharing a cake with you today that I made for my Auntie's birthday!

The design was based on drawings from my little cousins. They were very specific with the design and the one feature that they absolutely had to have on the cake was Daffodils.

I began by making a chocolate sponge cake. Always double the recipe as just a single helping of cake mix won't fill the giant cupcake mould.

I then iced the cake in a lime green butter cream icing to create an image of daffodils in a field.

I decided that I would go all out and make the daffodils myself.

I made a yellow, lemon butter cream and piped out daffodils. This was my first attempt as you can probably tell but I was pretty pleased with them. The trick is to pinch the ends of the petals to create the point that's signature for daffodil petals.

I then piped bright orange icing in the centres of the flowers to finish them off. These have to set, but the trick is to make a slightly stiffer butter cream icing than you normally would. Less butter or more icing sugar, whichever you prefer.

I also piped out "40" a few times in milk chocolate, I was going to use white chocolate but I thought milk would stand out better with the green and yellow icing.

I placed the daffodils around the "40", which acted as the centre and I was planning to make them look as though the flowers were falling down the cake.

Yes, they're back, the chocolate fingers!

I placed milk chocolate fingers around the base of the giant cupcake and finished it off with a dusting of pale green edible glitter.

I also made some smaller cupcakes to go around the bottom of the main cake. I was proud of this cake as I really didn't think the daffodils would work!

The Chocolate Cake will be on here soon as the winner of the poll.

Thank you to everyone who voted and thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Those daffodils were brilliant Brogie....very clever. Loved this cake. Mum xx


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