Thursday, 14 November 2013


Hi everyone.

Time to share another cake with you today. This is one of my favourite cakes as I really didn't think it would work. It turned out brilliantly and I was so so happy with it.

I made it for a neighbour who had seen my cakes and it was for her 18th birthday. I began by asking if she had an idea of what she wanted and I was really surprised when I got the answer...

"I love owls."

Well as you can imagine, my first thought was... What on earth am I going to do with owls!?...

Then I remembered that a friend had shown me a brilliant way of making owls on cakes and biscuits.


It's such a good way to create them and it's so easy.

I started off by making the vanilla sponge cake, doubling the recipe so that it fills the Giant Cupcake mould.

I made a simple butter cream adding vanilla extract and a bit of yellow flavour dust for a bit of colour and flavour. I made circles out of purple icing for the heads of the owls and made little triangles for the ears. I dusted them with a purple edible glitter to make them stand out on the cake.

You have to separate the Oreos in order for them to look like the eyes of the owls.

Tip: Put 3 or 4 Oreos in the microwave at a time and leave them in for 5 - 7 seconds. Then they will twist apart easier. Putting them in for longer than 7 seconds will make the cream completely melt. Make sure you twist the Oreos or you will end up with all of the cream on one side and a plain biscuit on the other.

Then put a dab of butter cream in the centre of the icing heads and place the Oreos in the centre. While the butter cream is still wet you should place a Smartie in between them to act as the beak. Finally, two more Smarties for the pupils of the owls eyes. (Adding the ears is easier and more effective if you do it after they are on the cake.)

I filled the vanilla sponge cake with a vanilla butter cream and iced the top, placing giant chocolate buttons around the base. I always do two layers so that it completely covers the cake.

To finish the cake off I placed a Smartie in each of the roses that I made with the butter cream.

When you put the owls on the cake you have to be patient because doing it too quickly makes the icing fall apart due to the Oreos being fairly heavy. It depends how thick you do your icing though.

I was so pleased with this cake, it came out a lot better than I thought it would. I have recently done these owls on cupcakes too and they work really brilliantly!

PS: I have put a poll in my sidebar to see what everyone's favourite flavour of cake is. Whichever flavour is most popular will be made from scratch and posted on here with my personal recipe.

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  1. I thought this was a really clever idea Broggie.....and so very cute. Mum xx

  2. Aww that's such a cute cake! That's a great effect with the Oreos! I like the chocolate buttons base to the cake aswell!

  3. That's worked so well, I love the idea of using oreos for eyes!

  4. Hi Brogan.....found you while visiting your your blog, just had a look through your posts and wow.....fabulous cakes, the choccy ones look amazing! And the scones too......mmmmm, with jam & cream please lol! Am following you.....looking forward to more delicious makes!
    hugs Jo x


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