Monday, 7 October 2013

Hello Kitty

Hi everyone.

I am going to share a cake with you today that was made for a friend as a present for their little sisters birthday.

I wanted to make it really girly but also a little grown up. I found a brilliant design for a Hello Kitty face made of icing and I thought that this would be the puuuurfect time to give it a go!

I made a plain vanilla sponge and used vanilla butter cream icing to fill the centre! I also swirled the butter cream to top the giant cupcake.

As always, the base was coated with milk chocolate fingers!

I made the Hello Kitty faces from icing and used piping chocolate for whiskers. I also filled in the gaps of the cake with wafer paper flowers as they were girly and matched in with the colours well.

To finish off this cake I sprinkled the whole thing in a coat of edible rose pink glitter.

From what I heard this cake was enjoyed by many people and I love hearing what people think of my cakes.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. One of my favourite cakes Brogan, just loved those kitties.
    Mum xx

  2. Beautiful design Brogan, and so pretty. I'm sure she'll love it. Such a shame to cut into it!
    Hugs, Janine x

  3. Hi Brogan,

    I'm a Hello Kitty fan too!!! I'm excited seeing your pretty HK cupcake!

    ok ok... Now, I have to keep calm and be your follower to enjoy more of your lovely cupcakes :D

    Greeting from Australia! I'm a Singaporean mum living in Australia and love to bake and cook. Hope that we can be friends via blogging :D



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