Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Daisy Chains

Good morning everyone!

I'd like to share some normal sized cupcakes with you today. No giant ones today I'm afraid.

I made these for my little cousin for her 11th birthday.

I wanted them to be girly and I bought a pink box to put them in so I decided to make them match the box.

I started by making some vanilla cupcakes in pink spotty cases. I then made a soft butter cream with some vanilla extract. I swirled the butter cream in a rose pattern using a star nozzle.

I wanted to make the fondant decorations the main point of these cakes which is why I made plain sponge and icing.

I made green leaves and used a veining tool to make them look real.

Tip: I use a paint palette to lay the leaves on to dry so that they wave and look like real leaves. You can also crinkle some kitchen foil up and lay them across that. I also do it with the flowers. In this case daisies.

I made a box of 6 cupcakes, so I made two of them with her age "11" on. I made them out of pink fondant icing with a silicon mould. And I made pink daisies too.

I painted the petal edges and the centres of the flowers with edible glitter to make them a bit more girly.

To finish off the cakes I went round some of the cakes with strawberry chocolate flakes.

And of course a sprinkle of glitter

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. These are so pretty Brogan...just love them.xx


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