Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Hi everyone!

I have decided to share a cake with you today that was made for my best friend's 18th birthday last year!

I want to share this cake with you as my best friend is leaving for University! She is going to Lincoln to do a Law Degree and I am so proud to call her my best friend. We share a lot of the same interests... For example... Shoes!

We both own too many pairs of shoes to count, they range from Doc Martens to Converse, from Princess shoes (as she likes to call them) to Vans! We've got them all!

As it was her 18th I wanted to make it special! I wanted it to really represent her personality! Here is the end result!

 I made a double chocolate sponge and filled the inside with chocolate butter cream!! I then piped rose swirls with a double sided piping bag, I used vanilla butter cream and double chocolate butter cream!

She told me she loved Milky Bar buttons so I decided to stray from my usual way of sticking chocolate fingers to the base, as I wanted this cake to stand out from every other one I have made just like she does!

As she is a shoe lover like myself I decided to top the cake with a big pair of chocolate shoes!

I wanted this cake to make a statement and be a little over the top and colourful! That's how I would describe her personality so that's how it ended up! I added chocolate pebbles, and I used the brightest ones I could find!

I topped the cake with glitter as she loves as much glitter as possible! It's obvious when she buys the most sparkly shoes she finds and screams "Sparkles" whenever she sees glitter when you go on a shopping trip!

She managed to take this picture when she was a bit less steady on her feet on her birthday and it was a much better picture of the whole cake than I could get so well done for that Becks!

I'm going to miss my best friend so much! She's not too far away from me though so I will see her! She helped me so much at college and I really believe she has the true potential to go very far in life!

Good Luck at University Becca! I love you!


  1. Wow this is a stunner - love the icing and those shoes sound to be the perfect topper
    Lisa x

  2. Now what could be and chocolate. Another fabulous cake Brogan.
    Love Mum xx


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