Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pastel Perfection

Good afternoon everyone!

It's such a beautiful day, lovely and sunny!

I'm in the process of making a cake at the moment, it's in the oven as I blog!

I would like to share a cake with you today that I am very proud of! I made it for a friend for her boyfriend's sister and she wanted a girly cake with pastel colours!

Here is what I came up with...

I can't believe how well this turned out!

It is a plain vanilla sponge which is one of the best sponges I have ever made! It had a very good rise on it and was just squidgy enough!

I made a vanilla butter cream and used my star nozzle to create the rose effect! (It is my favourite effect and people seem to like it so I normally use this one unless they specify otherwise)

I used wafer daisies and created little blooms of the flowers and completed each bloom with home made green icing leaves.

Tip: To get the effect of real leaves, I use a paint palette and lay the icing in it while it hardens to make them look more realistic!

I used white chocolate fingers on this cake around the base! Also I made a large '9' out of pale blue icing, I used blue as it stood out from the rest of the cake!

I also added blue glitter to this cake to give it that extra bit of "girly glitz"!

Thanks for stopping by! More cakes soon!


  1. this is gorgeous and so pretty and so tasty too I bet
    Hugs Kate xx

  2. This is just gorgeous Brogan. Loved this one, it was so pretty.
    Hugs Mum xx

  3. so pretty - i bet she absolutely loved it
    Lisa x


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