Friday, 5 July 2013

Chocoholic's Dream Cake

Good afternoon!

It's an absolutely beautiful day today! Too bad I will be at work at the weekend so will miss all the gorgeous sunshine!

I haven't put a cake on for a while so I thought I had better get on Blogger!

Here is a cake that I made for my boyfriend's 18th birthday in February this year. He made a point that it had to be chocolate cake so I went a bit further!

This is one of the cakes that I am most proud of. It turned out so well, even the piped '18' and the stars and swirls worked well!

I made my trusty chocolate sponge and, of course, doubled the mixture to fill up the giant cupcake mould. When I got the cupcake mould it said to use one and a half batter portions but I got greedy and found that doubling it was better anyway.

I put double chocolate butter cream (made with cocoa powder and melted white chocolate) in the centre of the cake and then topped the cake with it. There was a generous 3 layers of butter cream on this one as I had made a bit much!

The day before I melted white chocolate and dark chocolate and piped a large '18' and some stars and swirls to finish off the cake. I got the inspiration for this one from a cake that was called Chocolate Explosion!

Tip: Since this cake I have learnt that piping the numbers backwards makes it a smoother finish when you see them on the cake due to the flat surface!

I topped the cake with the hand piped decorations (starting with the 18 and building an 'explosion' around it), I used galaxy sticks, malteasers and milky bar buttons. As always, the base was surrounded by double chocolate fingers!

The explosion didn't really work all the way around so I improvised on the back!
He asked for chocolate, he got chocolate!

Being a chocoholic myself, I know how much chocolate I would expect when I use the words 'tonnes of chocci' so I went with my instinct!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. oh yummy love the tonnes of chocci :)
    Kate xx

  2. wow this is definitely chocaliscious!

  3. Chocolate Heaven!!! Oh it looks so yummy.
    Hugs, Janine xx

  4. This has got to be my idea of chocolate heaven Brogan.....loved this cake.
    Hugs Mum xx

  5. Wowzer that is one stunning cake! What is it with boys and chocolate, my boyfriend would love this too. Never thought of piping chocolate decorations, it makes for a fab effect! Lovely blog by the way, look forward to reading more! :)


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