Thursday, 6 June 2013

Spring Daisy Cake

Good evening everyone!

Well, I've had a couple of stressful days this week as I have started exams! So forgive me if I get a bit behind with my blogging!

I am going to share a cake with you tonight of the second giant cupcake which I made for my mum for Mother's Day! This was the following year from the Giant Strawberry Cupcake!

Mum loves daisies so I thought I would keep it very plain and simple!

Underneath all of the spring colours there is a chocolate sponge! I iced the cake with a lime green butter cream to make it light and fluffy to contrast with the chocolate sponge.

I cut out all of the daisies from white icing and pressed silver balls into the centres of them. If all else fails, add silver balls!

I then completed this cake by placing white chocolate fingers around the base!

I loved this cake, it was one of my favourites and the sponge seemed to rise so much better than normal! It just goes to show that something so simple can make a big impact.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. gorgeous feel fat just looking at it
    Kate x

  2. I have to say I think this was one of my favourite cakes Brogan....loved those gorgeous daisies.
    Mum xx

  3. Oh WOW - this 'giant' cupcake looks so yummy - a work of art!!! Polly x


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