Saturday, 1 June 2013

Royal Wedding

Hi everyone,

So pleased with all of the positive feedback on my first post. I wasn't too sure whether people would enjoy reading my posts or not! I would like to thank the ones who have made such lovely comments on my first post and to all the ladies who have followed me.

I have decided that I am also going to share my most successful recipes for sponge, butter cream, dough, pastries and batters with my followers!

This is the second giant cupcake that I made, my Nan asked me to make one for the family get together in celebration of The Royal Wedding! I decided to keep it bright and summery and very British, hence the red, white and blue.

This particular sponge is a basic vanilla sponge recipe (doubled to fill the giant cupcake mould), but as you can see the sponge is very yellow and this was due to using the ducks eggs that my auntie gave me.

I used a vanilla butter cream and spread it around the top of the cake and topped it with fresh strawberries and blueberries! There was a strawberry and blueberry mixture in the centre of the cake and I finished the decoration with a red and blue chequered ribbon from my mums ribbon bag! And no giant cupcake is complete without edible glitter to add a bit of sparkle!

I enjoyed making this British themed cake! And I still believe it's one of the best sponges I've ever made!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Brogan...another fabulous creation. This one was a lovely sponge....those duck eggs worked a treat.
    Hugs Mum xxx

    1. Thanks for the ribbon mum! Finished the cake off nicely! Xxx

  2. wow another gorgeous creation, bet your family love you for their waste lines, but if I need something special I know where to come :)
    Hugs Kate xx

  3. What better way to start the morning than looking at gorgeous yummy cup cakes :)
    This one also looks so tempting. Never used duck eggs but looks like it turned out well.
    Happy Sunday.
    Hugs Sally xxx

    1. When using duck eggs you generally need to use half the amount eg 6 eggs is normally equivalent to 3 duck eggs but they give the sponge a great colour!

  4. ooh i love the Patriotic colours ..and i bet the cake tasted divine .
    Cat wait for more
    Lisa x


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